Open Access

Open Access

Open Access means the non-discriminatory provision for the use of transmission lines or distribution system or associated facilities with such lines or system by any licensee or consumer or a person engaged in generation in accordance with the regulations specified by the Appropriate Commission.

Salient features of OA

  • Commercial mechanism for transmission pricing for long , medium and short term open access including UI and transactions through exchange.
  • Approval of open access for the desired quantum and period of supply.
  • Non-discriminatory  open access.
  • Freedom for scheduling of power.
  • Freedom to revise the open access or cancellation thereof.
  • Policies could be different for ‘Advance Scheduling’, ‘Day-ahead Scheduling’ or ‘Booking of Open access’, as the case may be.
  • Freedom to market that could boost the growth.
  • Appropriate settlement mechanism.

Categorization of open access customers

1. Long-term access customer 

A long-term open access customer is one who avails open access for a period of 12 years to 25 years.

2. Medium-term open access customer

A medium-term open access customer is one who avails open access for a period of 3 months to 3 years.

3. Short-term open access customer

A short-term open access customer is one who avails open access for a period upto one month at one time. 

Open Access: Key Success Factors

  • Control area demarcation & boundary metering
  • Robust transmission system
  • Assessment of Transfer Capability
  • Balancing mechanism
  • Methodology for transmission charge sharing
  • Treatment of transmission losses
  • Streamlined scheduling and settlement mechanism
  • Transparency and non-discriminatory implementation
  • Compliance
  • Dispute redressal mechanism
  • Congestion management

Inter-State Transmission System

  • Any system for conveyance of electricity by means of main transmission line from the territory of one State to another State.
  • The conveyance of electricity across the territory of an intervening State which is incidental to such inter-State transmission of electricity.
  • The transmission of electricity within a State on a system built, owned, operated, maintained or controlled by CTU.

Intra-State Transmission System

  • Other than inter-State transmission


  • Charges in case of complete or partial approval
  • Transmission Charges (as determined by CERC)
  • Wheeling Charges (as determined by CERC)
  • Imbalance (UI) Charges
  • Reactive Energy Charges
  • Surcharge
  • Interconnection Charges
  • Connectivity Charges
  • Operating Charges (SLDC charges)
  • Charges irrespective of whether approval is granted or not
  • Application Process fees of respective RLDCs and SLDCs (if any)

Agencies involved in Open Access Transaction

  • National Load Dispatch Centre
  • Regional Load Dispatch Centre(s)
  • State Load Dispatch Centre(s)
  • Central Transmission Utility
  • State Transmission Utility(s)
  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Trader

Source: CERC


The duration for Long Term access customer and Medium Term open access has been revised by the CERC.

The duration for Long Term access customer and Medium Term open access has been revised by the CERC.

I wanted to know whether consumers of 500 KW contract demand can avail open access power provided they are using their own electricity line from the nearest substation?

Also, what would be the approximate cost/unit of open access power in Haryana?


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