Scheduling for Bilateral Transactions

Procedure for Advance scheduling of bilateral transactions:

The applications under any of the following category shall be considered as Advanced:

  • An Application for inter-State scheduling during the fourth month shall be made up to the last day of the first month.
  • An Application for inter-State scheduling during the third month shall be made up to the five (5) days prior to the close of the first month.
  • An Application for inter-State scheduling in the second month shall be made up to the ten (10) days prior to the close of the first month.


Procedure for scheduling of bilateral transactions First-Come-First-Served basis:

The following categories of bilateral transactions fall under the category of First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS):

  • Application received under “First Come First Served” category for Short-Term Open Access shall be considered only when transactions are commencing and terminating in the same calendar month.
  • Application for scheduling a Bilateral Transaction which is commencing in the same month in which Application is made, provided that such Application is received at least four (4) days in advance from the date of commencement of the Bilateral Transaction. All such Application shall be processed and decided within three days of their receipt.
  • Application received during the last ten (10) days of the first month, for scheduling of transactions in the second month. However, Applications received up to five (5) days prior to the end of the month shall be processed only after completing the process for Advance Scheduling of Bilateral Transactions for the second month.

Procedure for scheduling for day-ahead transaction:

All applications for bilateral transactions received within three days prior to the date of scheduling and up to 1500 hrs. Of the day immediately preceding the date of scheduling shall be clubbed and treated at par, and shall be processed after processing of the applications for collective transactions received till 1500 hrs.

Example: An application for the scheduling a transaction on 26th day of the month, shall be processed on first come first served basic only if such application is received till 22nd day of the month. If the application is received on 23rd day or 24th day or up to 1500hrs on 25th day, it shall be treated only after processing of the applications for collective transaction received up to 1500hrs on 25th day for scheduling on 26th day.

Procedure for scheduling of transactions in a contingency:

In the event of contingency, buying utility may locate a source of power to meet short-term contingency requirement even after the cut off time of 1500 hrs. of the preceding day and apply to the nodal RLDC for open access and scheduling and in that event, the nodal RLDC shall endeavour to accommodate such request as soon as and to the extent practically feasible, in accordance with the detailed procedure.

Nodal RLDC shall take steps to incorporate such Bilateral Transactions in Day Ahead schedules/same day schedules, as the case may be. In case of Same Day, the transaction shall be scheduled from the 6th time block, counting the block in which acceptance is accorded as the first time block.

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