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  • The project is environment friendly.
  • Good wind potential to harness wind energy.
  • A permanent shield against ever increasing power prices. The cost per kwh reduces over a period of time as against rising cost for conventional power projects.
  • The cheapest source of electrical energy. (On a levelled cost over 20 years.)
  • Least equity participation required, as well as low cost debt is easily available to wind energy projects.
  • A project with the fastest payback period.
  • A real fast track power project, with the lowest gestation period; and a modular concept.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs are low.
  • No marketing risks, as the product is electrical energy.
  • A project with no investment in manpower.

Components of a wind electric generator are:

  • Tower
  • Nacelle
  • Rotor
  • Gearbox
  • Generator
  • Braking System
  • Yaw System
  • Controllers
  • Sensors

Essential requirements for a wind farm:

An area where a number of wind electric generators are installed is known as a wind farm. The essential requirements for establishment of a wind farm for optimal exploitation of the wind are:

  • High wind resource at particular site
  • Adequate land availability
  • Suitable terrain and good soil condition
  • Proper approach to site
  • Suitable power grid nearby
  • Techno-economic selection of WEGs
  • Scientifically prepared layout

The main advantages of power generation from wind energy:

The capital cost is comparable with conventional power plants. For a wind farm, the capital cost ranges between 4.5 crores to 6.85 crores per MW, depending up on the type of turbine, technology, size and location.

  • Construction time is less.
  • Fuel cost is zero.
  • O & M cost is very low.
  • Capacity addition can be in modular form.
  • There is no adverse effect on global environment. The whole system is pollution free and environment friendly.

The pollution saving from a Wind Energy Generation having an average output of 4,00,0.00 kWh per year has been estimated as:

Sulphur - dioxide (SO2): 2 to 3.2 tonnes 
Nitrogen - oxide (NO) ; 1.2 to 2.4 tonnes
Carbon - dioxide (CO2) : 300 to 500 tonnes 
Particulates : 150 to 280 kg. nes 
Particulates : 150 to 280 kg. 


  • Wind machines must be located where strong, dependable winds are available most of the time.
  • Because winds do not blow strongly enough to produce power all the time, energy from wind machines is considered "intermittent," that is, it comes and goes. Therefore, electricity from wind machines must have a back-up supply from another source.
  • As wind power is "intermittent," utility companies can use it for only part of their total energy needs.
  • Wind towers and turbine blades are subject to damage from high winds and lighting. Rotating parts, which are located high off the ground can be difficult and expensive to repair.
  • Electricity produced by wind power sometimes fluctuates in voltage and power factor, which can cause difficulties in linking its power to a utility system.
  • The noise made by rotating wind machine blades can be annoying to nearby neighbors.
  • People have complained about aesthetics of and avian mortality from wind machines.

Source: C-WET

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