List of Coal Mines for Allotment to Government Companies

S.No. Coal Mine Specified End Use
1 Parsa East, Kanta Basan Power
2 Pachhwara Central Power
3 Pachhwara North Power
4 Baranj I, Baranj II, Baranj III, Baranj IV, Power
5 Manora Deep, Kiloni Power
6 Barjora (North) Power
7 Kagra Joydev Power
8 Tara (East), Tara (West) Power
9 Gangaramchak, Gangaramchak -Bhadulia Power
10 Barjora Power
11 Gare Palma Sector III Power
12 Talaipalli Power
13 Chatti Bariatu, Chatti Bariatu South Power
14 Kerandari Power
15 Badam Power
16 Dulanga Power
17 Manoharpur, Dipside Manoharpur Power
18 Sitanala Power
19 Parsa Power
20 Gare Palma Sector II Power
21 Mahanadi, Machchhakata Power
22 Utkal D, Utkal E Power
23 Chendipada, Chendipada II Power
24 Tadicherla-I Power

Note: The above list is indicative. Mines may be added / deleted from the list 

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